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Managing Others: Insight into How You Interact with the People Who Work for You

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The Competency Styles™ Series of Self Insight Workbooks

You are a hard-working professional, aspiring to become a manager as the next stage in your career. Or you have just been promoted into a manager’s role. Or you have been a manager for a while

But you have not been given any training on how to carry out your role.

You should get the training you need to excel as a manager. The fact is that most people in surveys say that their manager is a ‘bad boss”. You don’t want the folks working for you seeing you in this way.

You have taken steps to explore what you need to do to be the best manager of others you can be.

Here’s the thing:
  1. College and university extension courses focus on ‘the what’ of being a manager, not the ‘how to’. Passing a test at the end of a course does not really translate to being a better manager back on-the-job.
  2. Self styled Internet gurus and experts are full of advice on what it takes to b a manager. But you sense they are really preaching, rather than sharing what they have learned from being great managers themselves. It is easy to tell others what to do. It is much harder to shape skill development programs based on the real experience of proven managers.
  3. The books you browse in the business sections of the big retail book stores are a lot like the courses and the Internet experts. They are full of ‘preachy’ advice. They don’t really address what it takes to be a great manager. They are ‘one person’s opinion’, not a balanced approach to developing your skills as a manager in a progressive way. They certainly don’t focus on the core issue – how do you take what you read and make it become real back on-the-job.
Still, you are continuing to search for the best way to become a respected manager.

The fact is that research has shown:

  1. Great managers are first of all, self-aware.
  2. Great managers know how they behave when they work with their direct reports and team mates
  3. Great Managers understand how their behaviour is the same as or different from each person they with whom they work.
  4. Great managers have the ability to adapt their personal behavior to the needs of each of the folks they have working for them.
First things first:

The Next Level Manager™ program is different. I developed it based on my own growing experience as a manager. 360° feedback in the early in my career made it clear to me that I was not a ‘great boss” I decided that I could do better.

I took post graduate courses in the psychology of the workplace. I learned from other experienced manager who were getting great feedback from their direct reports. I investigated how to build professional development programs for adults which focused on skill transfer back to-the-job.

Second things second:

I created a Managerial Skill Framework based on the best research. I refined it when coaching my own direct reports. I spent millions of training dollars as an executive investing in the development of the managers who were responsible for the performance of the thousands of working professionals who made the organizations I led great.

The result - a program which works for you:

The Next Level Manager™ program can help you become the kind of manager that people praise and respect, rather than think of as a ‘bad boss”.

The Next Level Manager™ brings together:

  1. a research and best practices-based framework which places the skills it takes to be a great manager into a progressive framework – The Right Talent's Managerial Skill Framework.
  2. a proven approach to working with adults like you to acquire these soft skills, and make them come alive back on-the-job, the place where this can really pay off – the Right Talent’s Sport Skill Model of Soft Skill Acquisition.
  3. personalized access to e-learning programs, books, and individual feedback and coaching. You can access on the elements of the program which work best for you-demand to progressively deepen your managerial skill set.
Take the next step:

Move beyond convential books on managing and leading, even if they have disappointed you in the past.

Take a proactive approach to being the best team player and manager of others you can be.

Invest in yourself. Advance your career.

Work your way through the Managing Others Competency Styles™ Self Insight Workbook..
You will get a PDF (19MB) file

Working In Groups: Your Group Participation Profile


Structuring Personal Activity: How You Organize The Way You Work and Your Time


Interacting With Others: Insight into How You Work with Others in One-on-One and in Group Situations


Relating Styles: Insight into How to Improve the Way You Relate to One Another for Working and Life Partners


Making Decisions: How You Make and Follow Up on Decisions You Make by Yourself and When Working In Groups


Development Styles: Maximizing the Value of the Time You Spend In Professional Development Activities


Gathering and Using Information: Insight into How You Work with Information


The Competency Styles Core Workbook Bundle