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The Competency Styles Core Workbook Bundle

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All 4 Competency Styles™ Personal Insight Workbooks as a bundle at a 1/3 savings.

Making Decisions: How You Make and Act on Decisions You Make by Yourself and with Others in Groups

Interacting with Others: How You Structure Your Interactions with Others At Work

Gathering and Using Information: How You Organize and Work with Information

Structuring Personal Activity: How You Organize Your Work Activity and Time


Self awareness, the ‘management superfood’, is the key to all effectiveness at work.

Increasing your self awareness is your vital on-ramp to career success.

If you want promotions and a management career in an organization, you need to become the best team player and managers of others you can be. You will not make it without the soft skills that will make you a Next Level Manager™.

If you want to build a start up entrepreneurial business, inspiring and managing the performance of the folks that you bring on-board will be the make it or break it key to your success.

The Right Talent’s Competency Style™ Self Insight Workbooks give you that self insight in key competency areas. Using them, you will create the rock-solid foundation you need to understand others at work – your team mate peers or your direct reports.

The 4 core workbooks address vital interpersonal skills. Move beyond the every day level of soft skill. Be a Next Level Manager™, and lead others effectively in the 21st Century.
You will get the following files:
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