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Respect in the Workplace: Workplace Harassment Investigations - A Practice Guide


Development Styles: Maximizing the Value of the Time You Spend In Professional Development Activities


Relating Styles: Insight into How to Improve the Way You Relate to One Another for Working and Life Partners


Working In Groups: Your Group Participation Profile


Managing Others: Insight into How You Interact with the People Who Work for You


The Competency Styles Core Workbook Bundle


Structuring Personal Activity: How You Organize The Way You Work and Your Time


Gathering and Using Information: Insight into How You Work with Information


Interacting With Others: Insight into How You Work with Others in One-on-One and in Group Situations


Making Decisions: How You Make and Follow Up on Decisions You Make by Yourself and When Working In Groups


Go Total Talent Management or Go Bust


Performance Appraisal is Dead, Long Live Performance Contracting


Transforming Organizations: A How To Guide


About Me

I have been working with people and technology for decades, having led thousands of folks and been responsible for millions of organizational dollars. I learned that it all comes down to talent. Talented folks did the things that allowed me to be successful. I focus on supporting others as they develop the soft skills they need to succeed at work.
I create soft skill e-learning and write e-books -
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"Be the best team player and manager of others you can be."™

Talent trumps everything.
No matter how great your vision,
or how powerful your technology,
without the talent to execute,

“Liberate your talent,
commit to life long learning.”