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Go Total Talent Management or Go Bust

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Most well-established organizations get along fine with human resource practices that have not changed for decades.

But if you run, or work for:

·        a rapidly growing company,

·        or a highly innovative organization that is disrupting its industry,

·        or a creative problem-solving organization focused on quickly serving clients,

these decades old HR practices will no longer cut it.

You need Total Talent Management,

a set of integrated people management processes

that will let you:

·        find and recruit,

·        on-board,

·        performance manage,

·        develop the skills of,

·        and steward

the talented people

that your organization needs to thrive,

or even to survive.

 Roelf Woldring has been a CEO, a CIO, and a CTO.

 His postgraduate studies were in the psychology of the work place.

He has led thousands of people and managed millions of organizational dollars over the course of his career.
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