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Performance Appraisal is Dead, Long Live Performance Contracting

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When is the last time that you had a performance appraisal that you really helped you to grow personally and to expand your career?

When is the last time that you had a performance appraisal that clearly set out how your work was going to be measured and evaluated in the coming time period?

If your answer to these questions is never, then you are like many other people who work for organizations. Employee satisfaction surveys consistently report the negative feelings that people have about the performance appraisal process, whether they are bosses or subordinates.

There is a better way.
It is called performance contracting.

Instead of worrying about the past, performance contracting shapes your work future. Performance contracting allows your boss and you to clarify what you are expected to do in your job. The two of you negotiate the measures: - the tools you both will use to keep track of how you are doing. If you are the boss, performance contracting will motivate and inspire the people working for you to deliver at their peak.

Performance contracting works all year long,
not just at year end.

This practical guide describes the WHY and the HOW.

“Shape the Future,
Don’t Appraise the Past”™

Move from the drag
of performance appraisal
to the clarity
of performance contracting.

(PDF book - contains how to tables, checklists, forms, and schematics). 

You will get a PDF (25MB) file

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