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The Performance Challenge Talent Acquisition Process

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The World has Changed

The reality of global trade,
has economic benefits,
but also brought the rapid internatonal spread of disease.

The convenience of the Internet
and the cheapness of Web based meetings in a time of pandemic
has demonstrated to people that they can do some types of work at home.
The global adoption of the Internet has proved
that some work can be done
by people in distant places with little need for them
to be physically proesent in their employer’s offices.

Organizations ultimately depend upon
the talent of the people who work for them.
Technology is empowering those people with that talent in new ways.

The recruiting landscape had changed.
‘Baby boomer era’ recruiting processes no longer work well.
Organizations must undertake a profound mindset change
and make the move to
the Talent Acquisition Process
described in these pages.

See how to find and to hire
the talent you need
to first survive, and then thrive!

Roelf Woldring has led talented teams
who have hired
thousands of people
in the type of tough talent marketplaces
which are today’s norm.
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