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35 salty and sweet raw recipes, vegan, gluten free, low fat and medical
medium compatible!
Only 5 recipes requiring a dehydrator!

- 35 recipes
- 84 pages
- 17€


Mango and cauliflower salad
Fresh fig salad
Mango, chili and ginger salad
Salad with parsley-curry sauce
Raspberry sauce salad
Broccoli salad with tomato sauce
Broccoli salad with tomato sauce
Salad with pineapple sauce
Salad with carrot sauce

Spaghetti bolognese
Spaghetti with spicy cashew cream
Spaghetti with coconut curry
Spaghetti with marinated mushrooms
Cauliflower maki
Colorful Makis
Nori rolls with pineapple-tomato sauce
Salsa & tacos
Warm curry
Warm vegetables in sauce
Mushrooms with coconut cream
Cauliflower and mushroom hummus
Fat-free Piémontaise
Tomato Wrap
Risotto with parsley pesto
Pizza with tomato sauce
Pizza with pesto

Frozen Christmas dessert
Blueberry Tartlet
Mango and raspberry tartlet
Coconut banana tartlets
Chaga brawnie
Blueberry rawkies
Coconut-orange-blueberry rawkies
Nochoco-hazelnut cardamom ball
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Bundle 3 ebooks


Bundle 3 Raw ebooks


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