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Deliciously Raw Volume 2

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Enjoyed the first volume? Here's the second volume of Deliciously Raw, an ebook of raw recipes to boost your vitality!

Raw recipes that are vegan, gluten-free, low-fat (mostly fat-free) and medical medium friendly (so no vinegar, psyllium, sprouted buckwheat, etc.).

  •    35 recipes
  •    92 pages
  •    Pretty, colorful photos to whet your appetite
  •    Only 9 recipes requiring a dehydrator


Pâtés on salad with pineapple sauce page 7

Kale-pea salad with orange sauce page 9

Mixed salad with fake cider vinegar page 11

Fruit and leafy greens salad with citrus sauce page 13

Mushroom slices salad with marinara sauce page 15

Azuki salad with curry sauce page 17

Creamy avocado salad page 19

Spaghetti and sprouts with mango sauce page 21

Salad with tangy cream sauce page 23

Spaghetti with fake tuna page 27

Red cabbage tacos with spicy mango sauce page 29

Sea tacos page 31

Double burger page 33

Romanesco tabbouleh page 35

Curry pizza page 37

Brochettes page 39

Small raviolis page 41

Falafels on salad page 43

Tagliatelle with beet sauce page 45

Glutinous forest risotto page 47

Spaghetti with chilli-curry page 49

Marinated carrots page 51

Sprouted sunflower "cheese" (or not) page 53

Sweet potato wraps page 55

Raw vegetable burrito page 57

Sprouted Makis page 59

Mock vegetable omelette page 61

Carrot cake page 65

Banana pancakes page 67

Colored ice cream and cinnamon rolls page 69

Pitaya-coconut-blueberry tartlet page 71

Raspberry tartlet with pitaya jam page 73

Green "milkshake" page 75

Custard page 77

Fat-free energy balls page 79

You will get a PDF (42MB) file