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90 intermediate drum beats focusing on the bass drum - PDF ebook

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A short but useful booklet for bass drum exercises with various 16th note placements.
  • 8 drum lesson sheets
  • Unlimited printing from 1 PDF file
  • 90 combinations of 16th note bass drum patterns
  • Includes additional 16 stepped hi hat patterns exercise sheet to apply to the drum beats in the book
  • Includes additional 25 hi hat patterns with drum beat examples sheet


At just 10 pages, this mini ebook gets stuck in to 90 different combinations of 16th note bass drum patterns in 2/4 bars. They are to be practiced individually in loops before moving onto the next groove.

These are excellent for developing your kick drum technique and for building up an internal bank of bass drum rhythms that will tend to come out in improvisation and songwriting.

You will get the following files:
  • PDF (99KB)
  • PDF (40KB)
  • PDF (511KB)

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