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Tried and True Resources for All-Age Worship Volume 2

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Tried and True Resources for All-Age Worship Volume 2.

By Rosie Staite.

192pp. Colour photos throughout.
ISBN 9780473575250
Published by Rosie Staite - NZ. Print 2019. PDF eBook 2021.
PDF eBook $20.00.

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About the book

“My hope is to help make Christianity relevant to people’s lives, unpacking it in a way that is understandable to them. We need churches that are welcoming communities, outward looking and open to all, and are demonstrating God’s loving invitation. 

Particularly in smaller congregations, and schools, often all ages are together in the room, and it takes a little courage to adapt the teaching so everyone has relevant and helpful input.  

Many times, it is the children’s teaching that has had the biggest impact on changing adult lives.  

I’ve heard it said, usually by clergy, that All Age Worship is actually “dumbing down” the teaching/sermon. On the contrary, by encouraging active involvement and concrete examples, lives are changed, and congregations with families grow. I have proof!” Rosie from the Introduction

Praise for Volume 2

“I am feeling very excited about “Tried and True Resources for All Age Worship Book 2”! This is a kiwi book (although I would give it to overseas friends too), for the 21st century, with practical ideas about exploring with both young and old a living and grounded faith expressed in community life.

It is very clear that this  material has all been used, in congregations like the ones to which many of us belong: smaller, with a range of people, whose faith needs both encouragement and fresh language for what they often instinctively know but cannot easily express. There are beautiful photos and range of quotations with many references to other writers whose work we can explore. I am immediately attracted by the titles of the different sections, especially in “Making the Point Today” where the concepts are both challenging and inviting (“God is bigger than our Boxes” and “Rubber Band Theology”).

This is a book not just about church festivals or themes, but also the seasons. The material around community funerals is a great gift. I look forward to using “Tried and True Book 2” for church services, either in preparing the whole service or just in the sermon time. It will also be useful for retreats, spiritual direction work, and above all as a tool for myself for deepening for my own faith understanding.

Rosie is offering us a comprehensive work from her own very wide experience in diverse communities, from a range of traditions, and I am grateful that her wisdom is available to others in this way. Rev. Dr. Jenny Dawson, Anglican Diocese of Wellington from the Foreword

Summary of Contents

  • About the Author
  • Acknowledgments
  • Foreword
  • Introduction
Chapter One – Making the Point Today
Chapter Two – Themes and Ideas
Chapter Three – The Seasons
Chapter Four – Times of Celebration
Chapter Five – Coping with the Sadness
Chapter Six – Resources for Prayer
Chapter Seven – Faith is a Journey
Additional Resources
  • Appendix One – God is Bigger than our Boxes
  • Appendix Two – Use Words Wisely
  • Appendix Three – Wisdom Cards
  • Appendix Four – Jigsaw
  • Appendix Five – Wall of Stones
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