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Breathless - Vol 1

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Welcome to Breathless, Georgia.

Christian is bright, wealthy, and awkward. Code, he understands. Women, not so much. So when his Southern Mama volunteers him to work in Riley Zayat’s gifted class, there’s not much he can do. It doesn’t take long before he’s angling to be the teacher’s pet, though. How can he convince Riley to take a chance on him when he’s never been able to play the dating game before?

His cousin, Bailey Ann, has a lot to do to make up for the mistakes she’s made. Finn Malloy is back in town. He may act like nothing happened between them, but she’ll have to find a way to get him to forgive her if she wants a second chance at the love she gave away.

Lennon has buried her secrets deep beneath the Georgia soil. So when she starts an archeological project in town, it’s no surprise that Gabe Zemp is right there. But the last person she needs to tell about her past is her ex’s brother!

There are three full length novels in this contemporary romance volume from Maggie award winner Savannah Kade. Breathless, Georgia will take you on a roller coaster of a ride and you’ll fall in love the Mayfair family. Second chances, fake relationships, secrets and more are blowing on the Georgia winds. Start reading now!

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