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Do You Get It? ESL Communication Boardgame

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ESL Communication Boardgame

I loved playing the Explain, Draw, Mime game with friends and wanted to use a similar activity in the classroom that promotes communication, so I created one.

This activity can be printed as many times as needed, so you can use it even if you teach larger groups.

It requires almost no prep(you just have to print the cards and the A4 game board).
This printable game contains:
  • 54 cards
  • 162 words
  • A4 game board

You will need figures, dice, and a timer (set it to 1 minute for the best game experience).

The game can be played in groups of four, where the two pairs compete with each other and explain, draw or mime words to their partners, or in larger groups where one person explains, draws, or mimes words to the rest of the team.

The first player rolls a dice and moves along the game board. Every square has a picture that determines if they have to explain, draw or mime the word. If their team guesses the word within the time limit, they can stay on the square. If they don't guess, the player has to return to their last position.

The first team to reach the last square wins.
You will get a PDF (1MB) file

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