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Saving Sandra - West Coast Doms 3

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Now that I’ve felt her fire, I can’t let her go—even if it burns both our lives to the ground…

I’m not what anyone would call a good man.

I kill people for a living.

I’m ruthless. Hard. Cold.

I don’t have the patience for inexperienced submissives. But for her, I make an exception.

Sandra Hooper is an innocent single mom. Beautiful. In desperate need of domination. Her dark, depraved desires—the ones that simmer just beneath her cool façade—call to me in ways I can’t explain…or ignore.

I’m obsessed.

Then her name appears on my next contract and everything changes.

The hunter is about to become the protector. Because when I don’t take the hit, someone else will. Someone like me. And I’ll do anything, go to any lengths, to save what’s mine.

See, I didn’t have a heart. Not until she gave me hers. But now that I know what love feels like, I’m never letting it—or her—go…

Saving Sandra, book 3 in the West Coast Doms series, is a dark, angsty, enemies-to-lover, contemporary romance with a lethal stalker, a ton of suspense, and steamy, sexy times.

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