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NCAD--V1n1_Neale Sourna's North Coast Academies' Diary, Volume 1, #1_Laila - Cozy with Daddy_epub

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Brainy, multiracial, private school virgin, Laila Mariah Deever, is “of age” now and chooses to seduce her handsome, middle-aged stepfather, Ross, for her first sexual encounter.

_7857 words

This “of age” fiction includes budding valedictorian Laila’s first wet dream featuring lesbian wet cunnilingus; her first voyeurism with her first masturbation; her first brief taste of cum and fatherly first fingerfuck, her first dirty talk, and most definitely her very first all out incestuous father-daughter fuck. Happy cherry-picking!

Whoo! Those overachievers.
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