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Lissom Shawl Pattern

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The pattern includes written instructions for construction with both charts and written instructions for the lace.

19 miles to the Isle of Wight,
Shall I get there by candlelight ?
Yes, if your fingers go lissom and light.
You’ll get there by candlelight.

Bobbin lacemakers often chanted such lace tells to speed their work. From Candlemass to St Catherine’s Day, 2nd February to 25th November, working by candlelight was avoided. Candlelight was expensive, giving poor light for their fine work.

Lissom is knitted from the bottom up using traditional Shetland lace patterns. A length of Queen’s Lace is knitted for the border, involving lace knitting on both knit and purl rows over a maximum of 22 stitches. Stitches are then picked up along the straight side in order to work the simpler Candlelight pattern for the shawl body, decreasing as you work. Join the remaining few stitches with either a 3-needle bind off or Kitchener stitch. The resulting shawl is triangular with an upper curved edge.

Pattern sizes

Small(Medium:Large) shawl when knitted to gauge measure approximately:
Upper curved edge 127(147:168)cm / 50(58:66)in;
Depth 51(58:66)cm / 20(23:26)in.
Size can be adjusted by working to a different gauge, but yarn requirements will change accordingly.

Yarn required

Approximately 395(530:685) metres / 432(580:750) yards laceweight yarn with 800 metres / 874 yards per 100g.

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