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Into the Ruins: Year Three (Issues #9-12)

Discover the entire third year of Into the Ruins with this Year Three package. For the discounted price of just $25, you get the ninth, tenth, eleventh, and twelfth issues as high quality PDF downloads. This package includes nearly 450 pages of great content, including 20 fantastic stories of deindustrial science fiction, a stunning graphic adaptation of John Michael Greer's deindustrial short story "Winter's Tales" in Issue #10, a fascinating essay on magic and religion in the deindustrial future, a wide variety of letters to the editor, and four unique Editor’s Introductions.

This is the perfect way to introduce yourself to or continue exploring the fascinating and entertaining genre of deindustrial science fiction. Pair this with the Year One and Year Two packages to discover all that Into the Ruins has to offer.

Descriptions of the issues included:

Spring 2018 (Issue #9)

Friends old and new emerge in this issue of Into the Ruins. Alistair Herbert returns with a follow up to his story "The Change Year" from the Winter 2018 issue, diving deeper into a future in which men and women alternate societal control every twenty-five years--and revealing the secret that created the system in the first place. Jeanne Labonte brings us a new tale featuring Bishop Matteo, taking him on an adventure of danger, intrigue, and justice amongst the Kazakhs. Rita Rippetoe, meanwhile, puts us back on the road to Finx, showing us this time how Pedro came to the Sanctuary.

New friends step off the pages of this issue, too. A hospital administrator in a hard future learns new ways to practice medicine, but struggles to accept them. A man travels by sea toward Tiger Cave Temple, hoping to recreate a trip he took in his youth and finding the experience very different in a future in which travel is not so quick. Finally, we take a trip to the moon--only to find that our future space adventures are not going well. Whether it's reacquainting yourself with old friends or meeting new ones, these stories aren't to be missed.

Summer 2018 (Issue #10)

This new issue of Into the Ruins brings with it surprises, new adventures, and at least one familiar landscape—all brought to us by writers old and new. Alistair Herbert returns one more time to the world of “The Change Year” and “Archive” to bring his triptych of the future to a close. Brian Koukol weaves us a delightful tale of the future in which the old world is brought back to life in a surprising way. Chloe Woods takes us to a light house at the edge of the sea and the dangerous visitors who come knocking, while Kyle E. Miller shows us a locked and frozen land of winter. Finally, in an exciting first for this magazine, John Michael Greer’s stellar deindustrial science fiction story, “Winter’s Tales,” is brought to vivid, visual life in comic form by Marcu Knoesen and Walt Barna.

Couple these stories with a tight and compelling letters section and an essay from Hannes Rollin on what the role of religion, superstition, and magic should be in deindustrial science fiction, and you have yourself one of the more fascinating issues of Into the Ruins yet brought to life.

This issue comes as a high quality PDF edition. Please note that this issue is a larger file size than normal due to the Winter's Tales graphic story.

Fall 2018 (Issue #11)

Compelling stories of our deindustrial future abound in this new issue of Into the Ruins. From literal castle intrigue to a hopeless girl’s solitary friend, from the lively bustle of a Boston partly swamped by the seas to the solitary horse riders of a far future California. And on to the constant flexibility of language and the unending role of stories in how we make sense of the world—these are the foundations of the tales that await you.

Along with another fascinating and thought-provoking letters section, these tales promise plenty of good reading and fodder for ruminations on what our deindustrial future holds in store for us.

Spring 2019 (Issue #12)

Demonstrating the diversity of deindustrial science fiction, this issue brings stories told from both the human and non-human perspective. And between Alistair Herbert’s succinct portrait of a future hunter and part one of Violet Bertelsen’s sprawling novella detailing  the lives found within the future village of La Vezita, this issue contains both the longest and shortest stories yet published in Into the Ruins.

Coupled with stories of a forest with a thirst for human blood, rationalism run amok, and a special kind of magic—not to mention an excellent and eclectic letters section—this issue closes out the third year of Into the Ruins on a high note.

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