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TREASURE ISLAND - PIRATES PRINT & PLAY matching and memory game

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Aaarrggh! Shiver me timbers, it's a race to find the treasure with this salty matching and memory game! Choose your pirate - Red Beard, Blue Bess, Gold Tooth or Black Rose - then look for all the missing pieces of your pirate's treasure map. The first one to do so becomes the Pirate Captain, who gets the treasure chest and shares out the plunder with all the other buccaneers!

Treasure Island is a simple, printable game for 2 - 4 players and suitable for 3 - 7 year olds. It's also easily portable and space-saving! The maps come in PRINT & GO and EDITABLE versions, so you can customize the words if you wish (e.g. spyglass instead of telescope).

The maps and pieces also double as a kind of puzzle, so children must put the missing pieces in the correct places on the maps as they find them.

  • Encourages observational and matching skills
  • Develops visual memory skills
  • Encourages sharing

  • 4 pirate treasure maps with picture silhouettes and words. PRINT & GO and EDITABLE VERSIONS INCLUDED.
  • 20 object cards (objects include anchor, barrel, bottle, cannon, crab, flag, hook, hat, key, monkey, palm tree, parrot, patch, shell, ship, ship's wheel, sword, telescope, whale and volcano)
  • 4 "X marks the spot" cards
  • Captain's Treasure Chest and 4 treasure pieces
  • Full instructions on how to print and play

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Original illustrations by Tea Time Monkeys! © 2018 Biggabug
You will get the following files:
  • PDF (4MB)
  • PDF (2MB)
  • PDF (8MB)