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Kathunk! ka-pow! hi-yah!
It's comic making time.
Write a 41 page comic book or maybe a 20? 10? or how about just a one page comic?
With the variety in this pack you will want to sketch and draw all those cool stories in your mind!


2 tier comic strips
3 tier comic strips
4 tier comic strips
5 tier comic strips

Tier refers to the number of stacks in each page.
Perfect for art class. Let their creativity thrive as they think on how to use their ideas to fit the boxes! Cool sticker sheet included! Students are encouraged to used the words in the sticker sheet to show action and emotions. To use as a sticker sheet simply print on peel and stick paper.

Have fun creating an action packed comic.

Total of 48 pages.
You will get a PDF (1MB) file

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