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Trouble (Made & Broken #3) - Audiobook

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You’ve heard this story before:
A man falls in love. Woos the girl.
Wins her heart with lies.
Tears himself apart to hide the truth of who he is.
What he is.

I met Audrey Waits by happenstance. One of those picture-perfect, cliché meet-cutes in the park. She was late for work. I swooped in and saved the day. And later that night, between her thighs, I realized that this girl? She is mine.
You could call it fate, but you’d be wrong.

I am Liam Steel. Heir to London’s most notorious mafia family. I have nothing to offer anyone, except darkness and danger. My enemies are numerous, and an innocent woman like Audrey? Even my own father will break her apart to ensure my obedience.

But fate or no, Audrey is mine, and there is nothing I can do to change that.
I have one chance to prove to her that I am more than the violence that comes with my name.
One shot at saving her life.

In this world of crime and darkness, I have one ray of light. One person I trust to help me protect the woman I love.
My twin brother Louis has had my back since the day we left the womb. He is the only one who will never, ever betray me.
Even if the first time he sees Audrey…
He wants her for himself.


Trouble is a full-length, standalone, mfm romance novel in the now completed mafia romance series Made & Broken.


Run-time: 9 hours 50 minutes.

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