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3D Sculpture Lesson Plan BUNDLE

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3D Lesson Plan Bundle

This bundle includes the entire "3D Lesson Plans" collection on this site. These lessons are formatted with a visual challenge, enduring understandings, materials list, links to 2 or more inspiring resources (such as websites, powerpoints, videos and pinterest collections) and some inspiring examples from contemporary art, historical art or student work. The pages are student-friendly so can be used as a handout to give to students.

Here is a partial list of the lesson plans included (with more coming)

  1. Relief Cardboard Sculptures
  2. 3D Cardboard Sculptures
  3. Mixed Media Masks
  4. Aluminum Foil Sculptures
  5. Rolled Paper Sculptures
  6. Upcycle Chipboard
  7. Relief Name Designs
  8. Paper Pottery
  9. Paper Cup & Plate Designs
  10. Earth Art
  11. Tattoo a Banana
  12. Artful Snacks
  13. Bread Art
  14. Creative Arrangements
  15. Time Capsules
  16. Famous Artists Re-creations

Note: You will receive two files

  • JPG file with code to use to download any or all of the 3D Lesson Plans available on the Art Box Adventures eStore (any lessons added in the future are also included).
  • PDF with directions/tips on using the code.
You will get the following files:
  • JPG (286KB)
  • PDF (7MB)

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