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A cidadela misteriosa [A1 - beginner]

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Learn European Portuguese through stories. Have fun and improve your Portuguese in a natural way.

The story:

An accountant is living a peaceful life in the kingdom’s capital.
One day, he is forced to embark on a dangerous journey to a citadel in the mountains. His job: to bring a document to a powerful man.
But what seemed like a simple task quickly turns into a fight for survival among mysterious characters.
Will he make it to the end?


  • beginner (A1) - basic knowledge required


  • the story in Portuguese (6000 words)
  • the story with the English translation
  • exercises
  • glossary
  • audio


  • improve your reading and listening skills
  • consolidate your grammar and sentence structure
  • grow your vocabulary
  • have fun!

You will receive the book in the following formats:
  • PDF
  • Ebook in epub and mobi (Kindle)
  • MP3 files
You will get the following files:
  • PDF (10MB)
  • EPUB (2MB)
  • MOBI (10MB)
  • MP3 (168MB)

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