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Court of Vampires (The Shifter Prophecy Book One) - eBook

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Vampires and werewolves shouldn't fall in love.

I am Lysandra, and I was born to bring an end to the shifter line.

As the heir to Dracula’s throne and the descendant of Princess Anastasia, I live in a castle of witches and human blood servants. Since birth, I've been prophesied as the one who will eliminate our greatest enemies... werewolves.

Alongside my destiny, I'm engaged to a dark vampire prince. The marriage will bring two noble covens together to rule. My path has been chosen for me, but unexpectedly, everything changes.

I discover a dying wolf in need of my help. I take him into my care and quickly fall in love, unable to explain the magical connection between us.

If we’re discovered, we’ll be put to death. The only way for us to be together is to bring peace between the pack and the coven.

But how can I stop the war when my worst enemy is my fated mate?


The first book in a magical paranormal romance saga, Court of Vampires is a young adult royalty romance featuring fated mates, forbidden romance, exciting battles and mystifying witchery. A pack of wolves and a coven of vampires wage war in this four-part series that will leave readers thirsting for another addition to Lysandra and Lisar's love story.

A previous Kindle Scout winner published by Kindle Press (Amazon Publishing).

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Author: Megan Linski

Publisher: Gryfyn Publishing

Page Count: 242 pages

Age: 18+

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