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Melinda's Wolves

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As another trio of wolves mate among the chaos in Western Montana, the questions mount. What is Fate trying to prove with Her cryptic messages?

Melinda Bartel has avoided men her entire life. As a medicine woman and a shifter, she has always been too sensitive to endure physical contact with random men. So it comes as a shock when not one but two enormous male shifters walk into her life intent on claiming her.

Trace Masters, a local deputy, has known for a while he would undoubtedly share his mate with another man. After all, it has been proven time and again that the Masters men are fated to share their mates. His only hope has been that he be lucky enough to claim a woman with his longtime friend Keegan.

Keegan Phillips, a building inspector, is equally pleased to find he will share Melinda with Trace. He quickly learns his feisty mate is not impressed with his current job assignment at the site of a controversial casino being built along the lake on Native American territory.

Tensions rise as Melinda’s intuition suggests the building site is in grave danger. She fights an uphill battle to convince her men of her abilities while falling deeper every day under the intensity of their mating.

The three of them find themselves fighting for their lives as danger consumes them. Can they endure the obstacles that Fate places in their paths and come out on the other side a solid trio? Only time will tell. And time is running out.

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