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LEARN THE COLOURS - Classroom Wall Posters

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Help your kids learn the colours and brighten up your classroom with these eye-catching wall posters! Each poster includes five everyday objects to represent the colour, with the word for each object written underneath in a clear, simple font. The illustrations are bold and fun - specially designed to appeal to little ones and look great on your walls!   

Choose A4 or letter size, colour or black-line, and adapt the posters to UK or US English - you can edit certain words to suit your preference!

As well as making a lovely wall display, you can also use these posters in your literacy centre, use the black-line versions as colouring sheets or even mini books for children.

  • Full colour posters: A4 and letter sizes
  • Black-line posters: A4 and letter sizes
  • 13 common colours: red, orange, yellow, green, blue, purple, pink, brown, gray (editable), black, white, gold and silver.
  • 5 everyday objects to represent each colour
  • Object labels in a clear simple font
  • The ability to EDIT words that have variations! (Please note that the posters are not fully editable, but you can edit words that have variations you may prefer to use; for example, “flowers” instead of “violets”, or “pants/trousers” instead of “jeans”.

Educational benefits:
  • Learn and identify common colors
  • Associate each color with its written word
  • Classify everyday objects according to color

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Original illustrations by Tea Time Monkeys! © 2019 Biggabug
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