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O'Carolan Collection - Sheet Music for String Quartet, Trio or Duo Harmony - Harmony Arrangements

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PDF sheet music for my string quartet arrangements of ten pieces by Turlough O'Carolan, which can also be used as trios and duets by a wide variety of ensembles.

You can hear what the arrangements sound like in the media player above, or on my YouTube playlist here.

As well as scores for traditional string quartet (two violins, viola and cello), you will also receive two alternative quartet versions: three violins and cello, and three violins and viola.

The scores also come with parts for the individual instruments, and include chord symbols for an accompanist.

The pieces included in this collection are:

* Carolan's Welcome
* Si Beag Si Mhor
* Miss MacDermot / Princess Royal
* Planxty Irwin
* Captain O'Kane
* Fanny Power
* Planxty Hewlett
* George Brabazon
* Lord Inchiquin
* Carolan's Concerto


You will get the following files:
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