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48 Bar Jigs - Sheet Music for Viola

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This is the viola version of my set of 10 newly composed 48 bar jigs.

All of the tunes are scored in alto clef and transposed down by a 5th from the original violin versions, so they fit on the viola in first position. There are also chords for an accompanist.

These were originally written for ceilidh bands, and the tunes are in sets of two which are designed to be played one after the other. These sets are:

The Spruce in September / Larchwork 
The Relentless / Chartreusey 
Lost in Prague II / Underground Mint Fence 
It Doesn't Work Like That / Send More Tea 
Hardened Snails / The Road to Argleton 

You can hear some audio samples (of the violin versions) here

You will get a PDF (388KB) file
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