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Aislin LLC The Price of Cheating with Foot Play (HD 1920X1080)

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(English) A must see classic beautifully filmed story clip. Teacher Aislin is already out of sorts. Thanks to a clumsy student she broke her leg last week and now much crutch around on one heel with a full leg cast and cold exposed toes wherever she goes. This weekend she is stuck on duty monitoring a student who has come in to take a final exam she has missed. Her leg bothers her and Aislin must keep it up to relieve it, massaging her cute long exposed toes and cleaning the bottom of her exposed sole. But she also must monitor the student taking the test. What she notices is the girl is cheating with her cell phone! Aislin is now even more annoyed having to crutch over to confront her. This student is one of those nervous types always competing for a better grade and she pleads with Aislin to forgive her. Aislin's casted leg is meanwhile throbbing and when the student tries to be solicitous and caring to try to get excused from her cheating Aislin has an idea. While standing on one heel she puts her casted leg up on the desk and puts her exposed toes under the girls’ nose -- sure enough she takes the hint and offers to massage Aislin's tenders toes. As she begs and pleads to be forgiven while deeply massaging Aislin's exposed foot in a long scene closeup foot play lovers will really enjoy. When she stops so Aislin can wiggle her toes she tells the teacher what an expert she is on feet. Aislin decides to have her prove it if she wishes to get a good grade. Will she excuse her and give her a good grade... if she....? The clip ends with the student deeply sniffing Aislin's exposed casted foot while the teacher assures her its clean....

Length: 13 minutes
SIZE: 967 MB
RESOLUTION: 1920x1080
UPDATE: 11/21/21
You will get a MP4 (944MB) file

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