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Final Delivery, audio book

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When the postman delivers more than just mail, Piper Avery knows trouble is brewing. Her neighbor, Lily Strauss, is found dead, and Piper and her trusty dog, Daisy, are determined to uncover the truth.

Piper is convinced that Lily's husband, David, is innocent and wants to clear his name, but the evidence isn't in his favor. As Piper starts to investigate, she realizes that there's more to Lily's craft shipments than meets the eye. Piper's discovery has her asking police consultant, Joel Stevens, and his K9 partner, Scout, for help.

Together, Piper and Joel follow the trail of clues, and what they find shocks them. Everyone seems to be looking for one particular shipment, and the stakes are high. As they race against time to find the shipment before the killer does, Piper and Joel find themselves drawn into a dangerous game of cat and mouse.

Will Piper and Daisy be able to solve the mystery and catch the killer before it's too late? Find out in "Mrs. Avery's Adventures: Book 2 - Final Delivery," a cozy mystery filled with suspense, humor, and heart.

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