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You are worth it!  And you know it.  Deep down inside you know this.  I know it's been hard, one thing after another. One day you are good and then IT happens.  I don't know what your IT is but every time IT happens, your emotions go haywire. 

What if it only took one thing to change your emotions?  You don't think it's possible, do you?  Are you just sick and tired of going through the same cycles over and over and over?  You thought you finally had a grasp of it and then suddenly; it happened again.  And the spiral begins...

But this time, you will confuse the enemy. What if this time you find out why exactly you are doing it, where exactly it came from, and how not to do this thing right here again?  That's why I am here, to help you confuse the enemy.  I've been there, done it, written a book (literally I have) and can dance all over it now.  Now, I want YOU to dance all over it with me. 

Just nod your head as you read if any of these triggers resonate with you:

The list can go on and on for hours. That was been just a few trigger points. Many can’t seem to overcome some cycles and turn to unhealthy vices such as food, sex, alcohol, the wrong company.  You get my point. 

I am The Enthusiast, THE Healing Coach, THE Wellness Healer and with your permission, I want to help bring it all to the surface for your healing to begin.  That's what you want, right?  Yeah, you wouldn't have it any other way. What does FREEDOM sound like to you?  Can you hear your chains falling?  I can.

Yes, I’ve made mistakes, but I’ve learned, grown, and now teaching you.

You no longer have to walk alone. Join others who are taking this journey.  Come learn and grow together.


Who is Anita McDaniel?

I am a Wellness Healer, Certified Healing and Deliverance Coach, Certified Personal Development Coach, founder of Mentally Fit & Free Membership group, and founder CEO of A Voice of Healing LLC.  I hold a Bachelor of Arts in Complementary and Alternative Health.  I am also a Wife, Mother, Author, an Intercessor, Teacher, Leader, Encourager, and minister and lover of the Word of God.  

God created me with a passion to ignite women who feel trapped in their emotions to push through all of their barriers to living a life of excitement and fullness.  I never thought my journey of being about 300lbs, broken, scorned, and feeling rejected would bring me to this point in my life to help other women realize that this is more.  God created you for more and even as you walk through, you can walk through it gracefully. 

Today, I get to walk with strong women through their journey of fullness and complete joy because on the other side of your situation is GREATNESS, and it begins inside of you!

Instagram @Anita_McDaniel_AVoiceofHealing
Twitter @avoiceofhealing
Facebook @AVoiceofHealing
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