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Curses Start Somewhere (A Grimalkin Academy: Kittens Prequel)

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All curses start somewhere, and it's not always where you expect. 

With graduation approaching, Ronnie and Magda need to finish writing their spellbook so they can receive the ultimate reward: a place on Grimalkin Academy's honour roll. 

But when things start to go wrong, it turns out that more than their friendship is on the line, and if Ronnie can't fix it, the consequences won't be worth thinking about. 
Curses Start Somewhere is a prequel to Grimalkin Academy, an urban fantasy academy series featuring two best friends, lots of kittens, and a low-heat poly romantic subplot.

If you enjoy paranormal academy, cute familiars, light-hearted romance, witches, and friendship, you should start the Grimalkin Academy series today. 
You will get a PDF (30KB) file

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