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Perfect Fit Crochet Workshop: Mastering Measurements, Gauge, and Stitch Counts for Your Custom Top!

Learn how to Measure yourself correctly, Gauge, and Calculate

the stitch count for your next perfect Crochet Top!

The one that actually fits you!

Why It Matters?

Introducing the Perfect Fit Crochet Workshop: Mastering Measurements, Gauge, and Stitch Counts for Your Custom Top!

😞Are you tired of spending countless hours crocheting beautiful tops,

only to end up with ill-fitting results?

😞Do you struggle to create garments that flatter

your unique body shape and size?

⛔️Look no further! The Perfect Fit Crochet Workshop is here to revolutionize your crochet journey.

In this comprehensive workshop, we will dive deep into the essential skills of measuring, understanding gauge, and calculating stitch counts.

Whether you're a seasoned crocheter or just starting out, this workshop will empower you to create the perfect top that accentuates your individuality and fits you flawlessly ❣️

What you will Learn

Here's what you can expect from the Perfect Fit Crochet Workshop:

  1. Mastering Measurements: We'll guide you through the process of taking accurate body measurements to ensure your top fits like a dream. From bust and waist to shoulder and armhole measurements, you'll learn the secrets to creating a custom-fit garment that hugs your curves in all the right places.
  2. Decoding Gauge: Understanding gauge is crucial for achieving the right size and fit in crochet projects. We'll demystify gauge swatches, teach you how to measure them correctly, and show you how to adjust your stitch size to match the required gauge. Say goodbye to tops that are too tight or too loose!
  3. Calculating Stitch Counts: Creating a top that fits perfectly requires precise calculations. We'll teach you how to calculate stitch counts based on your measurements and gauge. You'll gain the confidence to modify patterns, adjust shaping, and customize the fit to suit your unique body shape and style preferences.

And we will talk about hooks sizes and yarn Tension as well :)

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What people are saying about the workshop

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I have just finished watching the lesson videos and I fought them to be very helpful and informative.

As a native English speaker I had no trouble understanding you, I did have a little trouble seeing some of the charts that you presented but I was still able to get an understanding of what you were talking about.

I really enjoyed learning how to take my own measurements correctly for it is something that I struggle with.

I'm looking forward to using the information I learned regarding stitch calculations and tension control to see if I can make custom patterns of my own in the future.

Thank you so much for the lessons!

— Cary

Artboard 1

I think you have done exceptional work explaining each step to get our measurement.

I think this will help everyone to get a perfect finished project

— Barbara

Artboard 1

Excellent video and you come across very clear.

I didn't know about the calculation to make a personal gauge swatch. Most patterns have a gauge swatch that is used to measure against.

I like that I can figure out my own size according to my own measurements.

I think a lot of people will really benefit from this information. Well done!

— Nancy

This workshop is for you!

By the end of the Perfect Fit Crochet Workshop, you'll have the knowledge and confidence to crochet stunning tops that fit you perfectly. No more frustration or disappointment—just beautifully tailored garments that showcase your individuality.