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Jozephine LLC "Help I'm Stuck, Get Me Out of This!" Office Locked-Toe Mishap with Foot Play and Toe Sucking (HD 1920X1080)

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(English) This is another instant classic featuring sexy, busty Jozephine with her big blue expressive eyes and cute wiggly casted toes. When poor Jozephine crutches into her office in a single black heel and black hose the first thing she must figure put is where to put her completely casted leg to sit comfortably at her desk. She settles on propping it up on the desk to relieve her busted leg. But when she gets on a call, she begins fidgeting with her naked casted toes which are a bit itchy after picking up god-knows-what on the street while she crutched to work. She wiggles her cute exposed pedicured toes while talking, using a marker and pencil to massage between her sensitive toe cleavage. Then she picks up a little padlock and does the same as the cool curved steel massages concurrently between each toe while relieving her itchiness. As she continues to fidget with the lock between her toes while talking on the phone she doesn't realize when she gets to her big toe that the lock is too small. Not surprisingly it gets stuck on the base of that toe! When she realizes what she has done she quickly (and embarrassingly) ends her call and starts calling for help. Her colleague rushes in and is rather amused at what she has done. However, she takes pity and tries to help poor Jozephine remove the lock from her casted foot since she obviously is having a problem reaching her stiff leg to do it easily. Her colleague tugs and pulls but that only hurts Jozephine. Then she suggests something radical. She starts sucking the shocked Jozephine's exposed big toe in the hopes of lubricating it enough to extricate it from the lock! It requires quite a bit of sucking and juggling until a relieved Jozephine is eventually freed. She hugs her colleague; happy she won't be crutching around fielding questions about a cast leg *AND* a locked toe. As her colleague leaves Jozephine resumes her client calling...and unbelievably starts aimlessly fidgeting between her itchy exposed toes again with another long object. As we said, a "Must See" classic featuring very sexy Jozephine in a very compelling story clip.

LENGTH: 15 minutes
SIZE: 1163 MB
RESOLUTION: 1920x1080
UPDATE: 11/21/21
You will get a MP4 (1GB) file

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