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Load XYZ and 4D files AutoLisp source

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The following types of files can be loaded and drawn: x y z color, x y z scalar, x y z r g b, no. x y z code.

In the case of "x y z color", the points are colored with "color" and in the case of "x y z r g b"

with the color described by the amount of r (red), g (green) and b (blue).

In the case of "x y z scalar", the points will be drawn with colors, according to a legend of 20 colors, depending on the value of the "scalar" field.

In the case of "no. x y z code" you can opt for drawing around the point the number, the code and the Z elevation. You can also indicate the step on X and Y of an axis grid. If one of the steps is 0, no more axes are drawn.

You can also use a command which will export from the current DWG, a point file of the form "x y z color".

Can be used in AutoCAD or programs based on IntelliCAD (such as BricsCAD, ProgeCAD, ActCAD, ZWCAD, etc.).

You are licensed to use this "Load XYZ and 4D files AutoLisp source", for drawing or to include it in your programs that you sell.

You will get the following files:
  • TXT (2MB)
  • TXT (2MB)
  • TXT (2MB)
  • TXT (47KB)
  • LSP (18KB)
  • PDF (108KB)
  • PDF (215KB)