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Captain Onetooth, Sailor Jerry Fishinrod, Ottir Hornhatsson the Viking, Zombie Jimmie Kaputt.

Fun vinyl decals for your macbook laptop.

©VforViu. All Rights Reserved. Copyright non-transferable with sale.

☞ IMPORTANT: These were done for the old version of apple laptops with the lighting apple logo, that's why they are on sale. They still fit in newer ones, but you may have to move some parts when applying as the apple logo is smaller. The application is easy and you will be able to control where each piece gets glued to.

☞ Apple Size: perfect fit for 4,6 x 3,7 cm apple also works on 4,7 x 3,8 cm
☞ Finish: Mat
☞ Color: Black
☞ This item is handmade by me

☞ Shipped via Correos Ordinary Mail which does NOT come with tracking
☞ Losses of items that are shipped without a tracking number will not be the responsibility of the store. Please read the shop policies BEFORE placing any order

  • Use some alcohol on a piece of cotton to clean the surface of your laptop.
  • Separate the transparent sticker from the white paper.
  • The decal should be stuck in the transparent paper.
  • Place the decal over your macbook.
  • Stick it.
  • Rub it so that the decal gets firmly stuck into the computer.
  • Carefully take out the transparent layer.
  • You're done! Enjoy your new decal!

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