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Heir to Russia (The Shifter Prophecy Book Four) - eBook

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The future of the vampires— and the fate of the shifters— rests upon the shoulders of Russia’s last heir.

I am the only surviving member of the Romanov family, save for my father, and now is my time to rule.

My worst enemies are around every corner, hunting for a mystical item that will change the course of the war. Using clues left behind by my ancestor, Princess Anastasia, I must find a way to end this fight for good.

Then tragedy strikes, and it will change our love story forever. I’ve sworn to put everything on the line to bring down a tyrant whose madness knows no end, yet how can I do so if I don’t remember who I am?

In the final conclusion of what began as the star crossed tale of a vampire princess and her wolf, one will make the ultimate sacrifice for love.


The fourth book in The Shifter Prophecy saga.

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Author: Megan Linski

Publisher: Gryfyn Publishing

Page Count: 234 pages

Age: 18+

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