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4 Day Torso and Limbs Training Program

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Why Torso and Limbs?

If you are struggling to gain muscular strength and size I bet you have tried following a typical 1 body part per week split that most pro bodybuilders use today.

 What about the classic high volume 6 day per week routine used pre contest by boduilders in the 70's?

That didnt work either?

The problem is that was never meant to be performed as a muscle building routine, rather a method used to burn extra fat during a contest prep.

 In the offseason, when bodybuilders were focusing on building muscle, the classic Torso and Limbs Split was a staple for many bodybuilders looking to grow!

A higher frequency of body parts trained twice per week while also still getting in 3 full days of rest makes for one of the best training splits for mass gain. 

Especially for guys who dont have 5 days per week to dedicate to building muscle.

Who is this program for?

 Anyone who is past the beginner stages of bodybuilding but just haven’t been able to progress since the newbie stages. In the beginning you can grow from anything, but in order to continuously grow you must take on new approaches including more volume, higher frequencies and progressive overload.

If you want to learn more about training body parts more frequently using old school techniques such as supersets and high frequencies than this is absolutely the program I would recommend to get started.

How long should I run this program?

 I would run the program as long as you can progressively continue to add weight to the bar or increase the repetitions you can with a certain weight. This should usually last anywhere from 6-12 depending on your level of experience and recovery abilities. After that a brief deload should be run and then you can either run through another cycle of the program, use one of my other body part specific programs, or have me personally customize a training plan for you.

What’s included in the program?

4 Day high volume, high frequency plan that focuses on volume as well as old school strength based methods.

The program will include the exact sets and reps for you to train with as well as detailed explanations of how to perform the sets.

Ready to start building your old school physique?
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