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3 Day Full Body Mass Gain Program

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Why 3 Day Full Body Training?

If you are struggling to gain muscular strength and size I bet you have tried all the current bodybuilding methods avilable.

One body part per day

Pump Training

Failure Training

HIT Training

The list goes on...

Maybe you have followed what was rumored to be the way old school bodybuiliders trained.

High volume 6 day per week routines

Double split training

And let me guess? That didnt build much muscle either did it?

The problem is that was never meant to be performed as a muscle building routine, rather a method used to burn extra fat during a contest prep.

The magazines and the internet like to exagerate the training methods used back then.

The truth is in the offseason, when bodybuilders were focusing on building muscle, or earlier on in their careers most old school bodybuilders built the foundation of muscle they had with basic full body training just 3 days per week.

With just access to a basic barbell, dumbbells a bench and some plates, these bodybuilders built not only massive, but extreemly strong and powerful phsyqiues with minimal training. 

Who is this program for?

Anyone who needs to build that first 20+ pounds of muscle tissue to thier frame and wants to do it the quickest and most effective way possible. 

How long should I run this program?

I would run the program as long as you can progressively continue to add weight to the bar or increase the repetitions you can with a certain weight. This can easliy be the only program you need to fun for the first 1-3 years of lifting.

What’s included in the program?

3 Day Full Body training plan that focuses on strength progression as well as old school bodybuilding based methods.

The program will include the exact sets and reps for you to train with as well as detailed explanations of how to perform the sets and exercise substitutions.

Ready to start building your old school physique?

You will get a PDF (7MB) file

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