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Frilly Dress

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  • Underwear
  • Skirt
  • Shirt
  • Textures
  • Armature 
  •  When merging and fixing the model please be sure to UNCHECK anything involving changing bones (such as removing zero-weight bones)
  • First clothing object I ever made!
  • Mesh made in marvelous designer
  • Textures and Normals(detail maps) made in substances painter 
  • The textures themselves are just solid colors so you can change them easily (no added shading or detail on them or anything I'm not good at that yet)
  • It is rigged and fitted to the Flexuhs base (the skirt has its own bones)
  • dynamics and shader settings are included (in photo form)
  • 3 mats/textures
  • Polycount: 12526
  • VERSION 2:
  • 1 Material
  • Rigged to Cupcakes base
  • Polycount: 7,123


  • This asset is NOT Allowed for use on Public models, They can NOT be used on free/Nitro models unless stated otherwise.
  • Assets can only be distributed on finished for sale models
  • Must credit me (Jules#0133) and link to my gumroad
  • Do not claim as your own
  • Do not redistribute my assets in any way, if you are purchasing it for someone else please use THEIR email where your email is inputted.
  • Your license, Personal or Commercial use, is only valid if the appropriate information request is filled out.
If not filled out correctly, you license will not be valid and you will not be able to use the model.
You will get the following files:
  • RAR (71MB)
  • RAR (13MB)