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Audiobook narrated by Caroline Holroyd. Delivered by Bookfunnel.

Do you want to sell more books and reach more readers?

Do you want to discover how to build an author career for the long-term as well as spike your book sales right now?

If you don’t know much about marketing, don’t worry. We all start with nothing.

I’m Joanna Penn and back in 2008, I had no book sales, no audience, no website, no social media, no podcast, no email list. No nothing.

Now I’m a New York Times and USA Today bestselling author of thrillers and non-fiction. My books have sold over 500,000 copies in 136 countries, and I’m an award-winning creative entrepreneur and international speaker, making a multi-six-figure income with my writing.

Learning how to market my books and my personal brand changed my life.

Yes, you need to write an awesome book, but you also need to know how to get it in front of the right readers.

How to Market a Book is for authors who want to sell more books, but it's also for those writers who want to think like an entrepreneur and build a long-term income. It's for traditionally published authors who want to take control of their future, and for self-published authors who want to jump-start a career.

There are short-term tactics for those who want to boost immediate sales, but the focus of the book is more about instilling values and marketing principles that will help your long-term career as a writer.

It's also about going beyond just the book, because these methods can take you from being an author into making money from other products, professional speaking, and creating opportunities that you can't even imagine yet.

In this completely updated Third Edition, you’ll discover:

Part 1: Marketing Principles

The marketing mindset
Polarities of marketing
When to start marketing and how to balance your time

Part 2: Your Book Fundamentals

Prerequisites for success
Writing your blurb, or book sales description
How to choose the right categories and keywords
How to use Amazon Author Central
Sampling. Why your first few pages are so important for ebook readers
The pros and cons of exclusivity when self-publishing through Amazon
Pricing your book and the use of free
Box-sets and bundling
Writing a series

Part 3: No Platform Needed. Short-term Marketing

Why book reviews are so important
How to get customer reviews on your books
How to get reviews from book bloggers
Paid advertising: Email blasts
Paid advertising: Facebooks, Amazon, and other ad platforms
Case study: How to hit a bestseller list with ad stacking
Algorithm hacking, big data and production speed

Part 4: Your Author Platform. Long-term Marketing

What is an author platform and why bother?
Your author brand
Using pseudonyms as an author
Professional author photos
Integrity, authenticity, generosity, social karma
Your author website
How to build an email list
Content marketing
Should you have an author blog?
Mistakes that authors make with blogging
Guest blogging
Image marketing
How to sell books using social media
Social networking tips
Examples of how I use social media sites for each of my author brands
Should you create a podcast?
How to produce and market a podcast
Video marketing
Marketing audiobooks
Marketing print books
Traditional media and PR
How to get media attention with a newsworthy story
Tips for TV and radio

Part 5: Marketing Strategy and Book Launches

Your book marketing strategy
Aspects of a book launch
Relaunching older books
You will get a TXT (640B) file

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