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A man never really sees how scandalous women can be and how they are capable of moving until he has been a side dude for a well respected woman! That’s when the candy coated glasses come off and he can see things for how they really are! Thats why I laugh at all these blanket statements that imply all women are good women or worth being with! Because that certainly isn’t the reality. Women just like to portray that men are way worse than them in an effort to make themselves look better! 💯💯💯 Tag someone that would like my page or the things I talk about! ↗️ Turn on your post notifications!! Tag someone that would like my page or the things I talk about!#terryderon #staywoke #sidenigga#cheating #dating #relationships #message#nolie #wordstoliveby #truestory #trust#respect #realtalk #imjustsaying #facts#truelove #accurate #reallytho#truthbetold #loyalty #straightup#factsonly #worstfeeling #lonely#trustissues #breakups
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@ev0lving_lulu: I truly despise when people read a post, then respond to the Post, but their post mischaracterizes the summary of what I posted. At no point did I ever condone men's behavior in infidelity or adultery. What I stated was... The rationale of why infidelity, or better yet adultery, was so difficult for a man to deal with. Now I know as a woman it's built into your DNA to jump to conclusions, but you also have another skill as a woman, which is gathering up evidence and then presenting your case. So I suggest you go back and read the entire post and review the finer points of what I said, before you come at me with a fabrication.

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