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Fourth Attempt (Elite Escorts 1)

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Wren Shipman is not my usual leggy blonde, but she ensnares me. Tilts my world off its axis.

At my first attempt to ask her out, she claims a wealthy, arrogant playboy isn’t her type—an accurate judgment according to my social media.

But I only want her.

At my second attempt, she claims she’s too busy earning her college degree to refine the stain of her poor upbringing.

But I already see her as perfect.

In vulnerable desperation, I make a third attempt to show her I’m hoping for more than just another notch on my bedpost.

I end up in the friend zone and fall even harder for the woman who is everything I’m not.

When bitter reality threatens Wren’s dreams of graduating, I jump at the opportunity to reveal I have depth beyond what she assumes.

Will she give me a chance to prove I’m trustworthy…or will she break the heart she refuses to believe she owns?

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