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This Comet Trails Collection ebooks contains patterns for the Comet Trails Cowl, Scarf, Blanket & Wrap. Each of these patterns can also be purchased individually.

The Comet Trails Patterns feature different cables of different colours on each side of the fabric.  


Fission Knitting is a reversible knitting technique where two yarns are worked in a marl. This pattern is designed so you will practice each Fission Knitting stitch before moving onto the next. But you won’t have to wait – you will see the reversible magic start to happen within the first few rows! Please see the Yarniverse information below for a full workshop on the working these designs.


The Comet Trails Cowl's innovative construction shows the reversibility of the fabric and can be styled in many ways! 

The cables on each side of the fabric are the same colour. It is the easiest and smallest of the projects in this series and a great way to get started.


Wearing the Comet Trails Scarf will turn heads as there is no bad way to wear it!

There are two colours of cables on each side of the fabric. Watch the coloured cables intertwine as they travel along the length of the scarf. Work the cables in the colour combination shown in the sample or design your own!


Baby can toss this reversible blanket around and it will always look good. 

The cable motif is repeated 3 times for the stroller sized version or 5 times for the larger version. The blanket looks complexly impressive with each cable motif featuring cables colours in different combinations. Surprisingly you only need to keep track of the colours in the setup rows -- learn this new form of cabled colourwork that is worked without bobbins or floats.


The Comet Trails Wrap is truly a masterpiece. Twelve cable motifs in different colour combinations! Two colours of cables on one side! Two different colours of cables on the other side! A squishy marled fabric with additional squish from layers of cables of both sides of the fabric! And the incredible drape of garter stitch!


The Comet Trails Collection is supported by my Fission Knitting Workshop in the Yarniverse! You will learn how to work all the cable stitches, manage your yarn, fix mistakes and much more!

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Photography: Julie Crawford

Tech editor: Kate Atherley

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