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The Irascible Immortals Short Story Series Volume 4-6 eBook

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eBook (mobi. ePub & PDF)

Immortals + Boredom = Catastrophe.

Something old and dangerous is waking, making the immortals act out on their crazier instincts.

When love gods get together for a convention, things are bound to get out of hand. Especially when Cupid keeps showing off and the Aztec god of love and games turns everything into a competition. Yue-Lao only showed up to get Aine’s attention, yet he gets pulled into the madness.

Yue Lao and Cupid exchange roles to the detriment of mortals.

Kit has had a full life playing tricks on mortals and immortals alike. But the Age of Information has taken the fun out of everything. She’s tired. She’s bored. Just one thing bothers her: Apollo. When Apollo’s antics threaten the peace between pantheons, only Kit can stop bloodshed with her trickery. But does she really want to?

Bast, Apollo and a Kitsune out-prank each other – leading to a blood bath.

Cynthia, moon goddess and protector of Earth, has issued an ultimatum: either Poseidon and Pan clean up their act, or the Norse pantheon will take over their duties. As the Greek god of storms and water realises the full extent of the damage done to his domain, can he keep his cool or will his notorious temper get the better of him?

Pan and Poseidon compete to clean up the land and waters respectively, causing more destruction in their wake.

They are all so busy with their own stuff, they don’t even realise what is really going on…

Scroll up to buy now and enjoy the hilarity that ensues when bored immortals let loose.

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