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100 Basic Latin Verbs Digital Flashcards PowerPoint and Google Slides Compatible

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This resource is perfect for students in Latin I - III who are working on improving their retention of essential Latin vocabulary. Students will find this worksheet useful for learning some of the most common verbs that appear in Latin as well as recognizing some of their derivatives in English. This resource is a great way for students to study their English-Latin and Latin-English recognition. Pictures included in each flashcard help students picture the concepts the words represent rather than doing simple memorization. Included on each card (English side) are several derivatives to help students build a stronger connection between their understanding of the Latin and English.

There are two versions of this resource included: an animated an non-animated version.

NOTE: The animated version works best in PowerPoint and all transitions may not show properly when uploaded to Google Slides.

Subject: Essential Latin Verbs

Pages: 201 slides

Difficulty: Latin I+

Concepts tested:

Identifying English definitions of Latin verbs
Identifying principle parts of Latin verbs
Identifying English derivatives of Latin verbs
Identifying corresponding Latin to English words
You will get a ZIP (34MB) file