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The Raven Queen, The Ending Legacy (Signed Paperback)

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An uncrowned queen. A rebel on the run. A legacy of lies.

The Corvo Kingdom is on the brink of ruin. The wasting sickness is spreading, the queen is dying, and the people are living under the constant threat of invasion. The fate of the realm rests on the shoulders of a woman reluctant to embrace her destiny.

Princess Delphinia is a prisoner of privilege, haunted by the ghosts of her past. She has spent ten years shielding her son from her consort’s cruelty and her kingdom from her father-in-law’s army–inheriting a crumbling kingdom is the last thing she needs. But to keep her son safe, she will have to sacrifice what little freedom she has left.

Finlay Cartwright has been hunted his entire life. When enemy soldiers venture too close to his people’s hidden settlement on the outskirts of the Seven Kingdoms, Fin embarks on a journey to unearth the nefarious schemes of kings and queens threatening all they have left. The last thing he expects is to follow the trail to Corvo City, a place he swore he’d never return, or to rekindle an old, forbidden flame along the way.

The Raven Queen is the first book in the fantasy romance series, The Ending Legacy, set in a kingdom built atop our own ruined civilization. If you like unique fantasy worlds and magic systems, court intrigue, second-chance romances, and stories that are equal parts harrowing and heartening, then you’ll love this epic adventure.


World After (prequel)

The Raven Queen

The Ghost King (coming soon)


The Ending Series (post-apocalyptic / dystopian)

Savage North Chronicles (post-apocalyptic / survival)


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Customer Reviews

Mrs. Mabb

11 months ago

Post-Apocalyptic Machinations Abound

A spoiler-free review
The Raven Queen is a rousing post-apocalyptic world born out of the Ending Series (by the same authors). You do NOT need to have read the Ending Series to enjoy this book. Those who have read the Ending Series will get the added bonus of understanding some of the characters and events that are referenced; however, there are substantial details to be able to be engrossed in the book and still have context. The world setting is amazing and vivid. The environment as described you can feel the leather, taste the dust and even want to hide from the sweltering sun. The political machinations, devious plot twists, and trials and tribulations of love never overshadow one another, they all come together to make a rich reading experience.

The writing styles of the two authors do not distract from the book at all, rather it allows for a very unique character experience. The flow of each author’s character really gives depth to the mindset, inner dialogue, and an understanding of the rationale behind actions. The character's voices are therefore unique and fully developed. By the end of the book, you will think back and completely understand character choices and actions, so much so that if you have not read the Ending Series, you are going to want to. You will be eager to fill your mind with all that fills this dystopian world.

I admit to being a fan of both authors' books. I find each of their writing styles to be unique and when combined, complimentary. This collaboration is exciting and entertaining, and I am enthusiastic about additional books in this new Ending Legacy series.