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Pandemic Protest Poetry Chapbook

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Fifty (50%) percent of the net proceeds from this book will be shared with: Poor People's Campaign ( & Writing the Other (

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You're in a world of turmoil...

Wait - you say you don't have to imagine? That all you have to do is look outside your own window? On social media?

That what you're looking for is some respite from all that, some sense of what to do next, a way to express some of what you're feeling these days?

Well, come inside this chapbook & you'll find all that & more.

Inside, find a pinch of provoking, a cup of comfort, an allotment of anger, a plethora of protest, and hopefully an encouragement to expand & a challenge to create to ease the pandemics that ail us. With bonus rhymes & alliteration just for you.

38 poems.


What will happen next?

Birdy & Mike :>o<:
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P.S. Prrrojects are never truly over - they just pause for a time. This is certainly true with this one. Mike and I have recently realized that there is another volume to this work, one that speaks even more to the future and to what we do next. There are also other media we wish to explore with these poems - specifically audio and video. So we will be adding to this work over the next while, as a reminder to self and others that the work of changing our society to eliminate the injustices spoken of in these poems is far from over.

For anyone who has purrchased this work by the time these other explorations are published will receive them gratis as a 'thank you' for being an early supporter of our work. So if you needed another reason to pounce these poems, you have one. You're welcome. ;-D

-Birdy and Mike :>O<:
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What Do the Stars Think? Poetry Chapbook