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The Dragon Manuscript

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Two teens shoved together by a prophecy. One angry god. The journey of a lifetime...

The fight with the Vikings may have been successful, but there is no rest for the wicked – and Freya is about to find out just how wicked they can be.

Merely weeks after the victory with Cadmael, the young Sage is recovering in Scotland by day, and playing with newfound powers by night. The fun cuts off abruptly when Sam returns with worrying news of a conquistador rallying all the ghosts of Spain in the thousands, and Seamus calls Brennan to help on the new mission.

This time, there is more at stake than the fate of the world. Evil awaits galore, safely hidden in the confines of the old city. As they battle attacks from all sides, and hopelessly try to rescue one of their own, Freya and Brennan will have to work together more than ever before. Their pasts will become more intertwined than their futures.

And through it all, the dragon manuscript will guide them to survive…or bring them to their doom.

Book II in a completed young adult urban fantasy trilogy with two snarky teens, plenty of bad guys, and some divine help - and hindrance. Perfect for teens of all ages!
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