Alexa Whitewolf

Hey all! I'm a dog lover, caffeine-addicted, twenty-something author! I grew up in the Transylvania region in Romania, surrounded by epic mountains and a never ending stream of legends and stories. I guess that was bound to create an overactive imagination! From a young age, I started rescuing pets - abandoned dogs in warehouses, kittens about to be drowned - and spent my childhood talking to animals. This devotion to the furry creatures carried over in my writing, as most of my series will have one - or more - pets involved (think Alistair if you read The Avalon Chronicles, Tyr in The Sage's Legacy). The move to Canada in her teens was a sometimes rough adjustment, and Alexa overcame it by burying herself in books - both reading and writing. She started her young adult series at that time, and continued with the fantasy of Avalon in university. Nowadays? She's working on a few other upcoming series, among which a werewolf paranormal romance one. Alexa currently lives nearby picturesque Ottawa, where Starbucks locations abound. When not at home writing - or awake in the middle of the night trying to put her characters to sleep - Alexa can be found enjoying walks with her husband and two masters of mischief, Zeus and Achilles. Her social media feed is always inundated with animal posts, so if you're looking for some sunshine in your day, you know where to find it! When the mood strikes, I also dabble in handmade jewelry and stationery for special occasions, as well as the occasional website creation for friends. You can read more on my books, enter giveaways and follow my blog on travel, dogs and life in general at Be sure to sign up for my mailing list for exclusive perks!