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Avalon Wishes

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Gods, Faes, demons and sorcerers are all dispensable in this epic saga set in the Arthurian legend period. Love. Magic. Betrayal. Corruption. Welcome to the new Camelot...

Before he was Merlin...

Meet Emrys, a young wizard with uncommon powers, trying to find his way in a world suspicious of the unknown. A wizard of light magic, he attracts darkness like honey does bees.

Enter Atrox, Merlin's ever foe, and sometimes friend. A deity banished to the Underworld, he is tasked with creating havoc on earth and corruping the hearts of easily influenced humans.

And who is the woman entering Merlin's life, mysterious and elusive, with a hint of sadness that tugs at his heart? Will his love save her, or become both their doom?

As these opposites' fates intertwine in fights, bonds and heartache, Merlin grows in his powers...Perhaps too much. Read on to find out how one man's choices changed destiny as it was written.

After all, they say the road to Hell is paved with good intentions...
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