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Avalon Nightmares

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What would you sacrifice for that elusive happily ever after? Dreams and Wishes lead to Nightmares and beyond, in the conclusion to this arthurian retelling set in modern times.

Vivienne is still reeling from the fight with Carleigh and finally enjoying some well-deserved quality time with Sébastien. Absorbed into each other, neither is aware of the dark forces lurking in the shadows that threaten their newfound happiness.

The one who could warn them stays silent - not out of choice. Alistair finds himself bound to a mysterious new enemy, only for an old lover to come to his rescue. Will his demon lord powers be enough to help the Lady of the Lake and her savior? Or will he be faced with a choice that could change everything, including his loyalty?

And what of Merlin, whose sole purpose was to imprison the now-immortal Carleigh? Try as they may, none of the heroes can reach him, and his eerie silence is worrisome.

Lost opportunities, bitter lovers and ambitious sorcerers collide in one last battle for the fate of the world.

In this final installment of the Avalon Chronicles, everything will come full circle...but not everyone may get a happy ending.
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